Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solar Shower

Along with many spring projects, building an outdoor solar shower is on the short list.

Having found this plan, that appears to be both simple and cheap, it'll be a good practice trial for a -hopefully bigger project (like indoor solar water).

We already have an outbuilding, a section of which is a outhouse. It seems only appropriate to use another section of that building for the solar shower project -or somewhere close to the outdoor pot, anyway. Though I doubt I'll take my daily shower in the backyard, it might be handy for washing dogs, rinsing dirty feet and rinsing off after creek play (well water via the hose is quite cold, I assure you).

We'll need a water tank, some plumbing hose, some copper pipe, and a silver sheet of metal to put the piping on. I think we can mount the syatem on the shed roof, with water source inside the building. I'll update when we get started, and let you know the final result. Sounds fun, though, doesn't it?

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