Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy to Grow Garlic

Garlic is very easy to grow.
In the fall, take the seperate the outer cloves of garlic (see left) and plant in loose soil, rootside down. Garlic is a very friendly plant and grows well planted with other flowers and vegetables. We have ours planted to a lettuce bed. It's also one of the first things in the garden to sprout. Ours have been "out" for about 2 weeks. As garlic reaches maturity, the leaves will brown then die away. It's time to harvest your garlic crop (if you harvest too early the cloves will be very small, too late and the bulb will have split). It's essential that garlic is dried properly, otherwise it will rot. The bulbs are often hung up in a cool, dry place. After a week or so, take them down and brush the dirt off gently - don't wash the bulbs at this stage. Wash each bulb (or several cloves) as you need them.

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