Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Compost makes the Garden

Keeping your garden healthy is the number one thing you can do to have a successful harvest.
We're lucky enough to live near a livestock auction that has a heaping pile of manure and bedding out back -and free for the taking. The compost in the middle of the pile has seasoned through the winter, making it a great addition to the garden (unseasoned compost can burn plants).
We put 3 pickup truck loads of seasoned compost on our plot this year (2 last year). Then our son-in-law came over with his dads rototiller and did a mix job on the garden. As you can see, we have fresh, dark, moist (but not wet) soil ripe for seeds.
We have another 2-4 weeks before we can plant in our zone.
In the meantime, I have purchased seeds and made some starter plants in little pots.

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