Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Penns Creek

Photo: Penns Creek, New Berlin, PA

Part of our plan to live life more fully included downsizing to a smaller house. Our bungalow is just the right size for three and sits right on the water. I have long been attracted to water and find I need to be near it. It offers me a sence of peace -for whatever reason.

The wrap around deck and front porch have several gliding and rocking seating pieces to sit upon and watch the water from. Staring at moving water, much like watching a fire burn, puts you in an almost transelike state; totally relaxed.

The bank beavers and muskrats will soon be bearing their young. Geese are nesting on the banks. The fish crane relaxes in the shallows. Birds of every variety are returning from their summer homes.

Though we spend much time playing in the water -as do our three dogs, this year we hope to enjoy more time on the water.

Our 2 new kayaks sit in the garage. Paddles have been ordered online. As soon as the weather warms, we will set out exploring the waterway that leads to the Susquehanna River (though I think we'll save river kayaking until we are a bit more advanced).

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  1. If you tump in the Susquehanna, well, just stand up!)