Saturday, May 8, 2010

Second Hand Saves Money

Buying second hand is both economically and ecologically sound way to shop. You save loads of money while saving the resources that would be needed to create a "new" product.

Yesterday I purchased this table full of items for $3.45! Really! I picked up the baby Levis jean jacket for 25 cents. Three shirts, two pillows, a tart warmer and a pair of shoes were 10 cents each. The black sweater was $1.00. The Wrangler western ware shirt was 50 cents and the pocket knife (still in the package) was $1.00. The baby toys, scarf and magazines were all from boxes marked "free."

"But," I hear you hollering already, "I don't have time for yard sales and thrift shops!"

Sure you do! In the case above, it took about 10 minutes to stop at a multi family yard sale (that I happened to pass on my way home from the garden center) and snag these great deals.

Let's compare ten minutes of my time vs. working for the $$$ to pay retail:
The Levis Jean Jacket alone costs $34.95 retail, and the Wrangler western ware shirts, new, cost about $45. The last time I bought a new pocket knife I spent around 15 bucks. Etc. You get the point.

So, the question is, can you afford NOT to buy second hand?