Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixed Lettuce

The spring lettuce mix is coming up nicely. Soon, it will cover the raised bed it's planted in like carpet, assuring not a single weed can plant itself among the tender roots.
I am not sure what the seed packages say about recommended seed width, but I always chose a mixed variety and sprinkle it about and it sorts itself out just fine. Being planted in such a tight patch, not only do the weeds stay out, but it doesn't seem to get dirty during rains either. If there is space in between the leaves (like with Romaine) when we have summer downpours the lettuce gets coated with mud sprinkles. This tight planting keeps the lettuce nice and clean all season.
When the lettuce matures, I just snip what I need with scissors and a few days later, new lettuce appears. It's almost magic.

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