Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggshells and Fishheads

I have a canning jar on my kitchen counter to put eggs shells in. Though I origionally put the seal on the jar, I changed my mind and decided on a paper towel, hoping that with some air flow the shells would dry up -as opposed to mold.
The reason I am saving egg shells is to plant them with my tomatoes. Tomatoes need calcium -and egg shells have that. I also read that planting a fish head with the shells will do wonders for the plants. I am not quite sure where I will get 24 fish heads from as I don't fsh (though I have always had a desire to learn to fly fish. It looks SO relaxing). I have a neighbor who is an avid fisherman, so am hoping he;ll be kind enough to pass some on to me -I assume fish gut would offer the same nutrition (???).
Last year we grew 18 tomatoes plants and used them to make sauce, salsa and other red treats. This year we're planting 24 plants, and hope for an even larger harvest w/ the help of egg shells and fish heads.

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