Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Organization Made Easy

I try not to have a lot of things that serve no purpose. Though decorative right now, these baskets will be in full use when the garden starts blooming. If they break or become stained, no problem -I can find another basket for less than a dollar at a yard sale.

Just about any hardware store sells these multi drawer storage bins. Though sold and generally used as a unit to store nuts and bolts in a garage or workshop, they can be used to store any number of items and come in several sizes.
Note: Medice is kept tidy (and ot of the reach of little ones) in a small platic bin in the same cabinet.

I filled and labeled mine and gained three kitchen drawers! Now I have more storage in the kitchen and these items are organized and easy to find.

I don't sew much anymore but still keep a little box of sewing goods in the closet in case I need to repair a seam or sew on a button. This little plastic box keeps everything neat, tidy and handy.

We have a lot of videos and they take up a whole lot of room. This box stores 100 of them and takes up the room of about 7 boxed CDs. I need one more to clear that shelf of DVDs!

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