Thursday, April 30, 2009

Simple Things

One thing I have always enjoyed doing is taking pictures. Now that cameras have gone digital, this is a much cheaper hobby. With no film to buy and develope I feel free to take as many pictures each day as I see fit.

Yesterday, as we do every day, we played stick with Honey, who loves to play fetch over and over and over and over again. While she fetched, Mo took the opportunity to begin his frog hunting expedition in the just emerging lily pads. Our three legged old man, Gus, prefers to sit upon the bank and make nasty growls and nips at the other two dogs while they're having fun. Yeah, he's gotten pretty cranky in his old age. I think it just pisses him off that he is not the toughest and faster fellow on the block anymore.

I love the closeup of Honey, you can see in her intent gaze just what she's thinking, "Throw the stick, throw the stick!"

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