Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lily Pads on Penns Creek

The shiny things on the water are lilies just starting to sprout. In due time they will cover a vast area of the water off the bank. Once they are full sized they will offer a floral bouquet as well as shade to tad poles and sunny pads for frogs to rest on.
My dog, Mo, will spend many hours in the lilies on frog hunts. Buried in lilies, nothing but the curl of his thin black tail will assure he is indeed amidst the pads. This is a funny event, as he often catches frogs (sometimes 2 at a time), but has no idea what to do with them once he has them. He holds them gently in his mouth -legs peeking out here and there, then places them upon the shore where he pokes them with his nose, encouraging them to jump, jump, jump away and back into the water so the game can begin anew.
I haven't discourage this hunting, as the frogs seem to come out no worse for wear than before their capture and release, and it makes for some good laughs for watchers of the sport.

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