Saturday, May 9, 2009

The summers first salad

What could be more beautiful than the years first salad? Fresh picked from the garden, the variety of lettuces can be picked and laid out in the most wonderful arrangement.

The purple romaine has a bit of a spicy bite to it and is said to be an excellent cancer fighting food. The top layer are baby spinach leaves. Sandwiched in between the two are a variety of other lettuces.

I choose lettuces that look interesting from the seed packets or at the garden store. I often don't even remember their names. I sprinkle them in the lettuce plot together and let them do what they will. I have never been disappointed in the end result. And planting much close than the packets recommend, I prefer my 'don't follow the planting rules' result. The lettuce grows tight, like a little edible lawn. Because it's grown tight it rarely gets dirty even when it rains.

Most would recommend you wash your lettuce first, but we usually just eat it. I know what's in my garden, and anyway, a little dirt is good for you :-) Keeps the swine flu away.


  1. the salad looks delicious! We've got some mustard and turnip greens, and green onions ready. Mostly been working in the greenhouse the last couple of days because of the storms.

  2. Can´t wait, can´t wait to clear the garden! You guys make me hungry! I don´t know if or what crop I´ll have this year, but next year will be great... (My neighbour loves your weed-free graden tip. I´ll print it for her.)