Monday, April 20, 2009

There are few places I would rather spend a warm spring day than on the deck. Because we live on the water, we are in flood zone A and have that risk. Yet, the risk is worth the rewards. Almost everything on our deck rocks or glides, and while swinging I generally enjoy coffee, a good book, or more often the view.

Migratory birds abound. Goslings and baby ducks will soon appear, trying their webbed feet on the water with mom and dad as guides. The fish crane is a frequent visitor to the bank. Other birds abound- blue jays, robins, cardinals, etc.

The bank beavers, muskrat and mink will soon bear their young and will be seen darting to and fro across the waters doing whatever it is beaver, muskrat and mink do.

Though there is a road out front our main passerbyes are either neighbors or campers going down the road to visit the campground on the water, will they too can enjoy waterfront living -even if only for a few days.

Otherwise, the waterfront is ours.

And the sign greeting guests says it all, "Lazy Hog Inn," because once you sit down, you never want to get up again.

Everyone should live on the water.

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